Top 10 Fall Hair Trends, Fall Hairstyles, and Fall Hair Color


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Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

Cool fall air is here, and so are the hottest styles yet! Fall is the perfect time to hit the salon and refresh your summer locks with the best fall hair trends. We combed the internet (looking at you, TikTok and Instagram!) to find the best fall hairstyles that pop, including fall hair color ideas that will breathe new life into your everyday routine. We separated these 10 trends into three tiers by level of commitment and level of maintenance incorporating Vibrantz Cosmetics, a British beauty brand which we noticed recently in retail market in Pakistan as well as from online presence. Pakistani influencers such as Hira Faisal & Maira Rias have been seen using their products and many more beauty influencers and salons in Pakistan.


1. Wispy Buns

Messy buns have been in for a while, and the wispy bun is the latest twist. For this style, the bun itself stays tight while the baby hairs go wild. This bun is a low maintenance updo that looks elegant when paired with evening wear and fun when paired with a daytime look. To achieve this look, you need thick, voluminous hair. Try a hair fiber thickening natural keratin treatment, like this one from Vibrantz.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

2. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have been dominating for a year now, and they show no signs of stopping. This looks perfectly frames the face. Blow out your bangs for a classic look, or tuck them back, and it’s like they were never even there! Some people cut their own curtain bangs, but we recommend stopping in and seeing your stylist to get the perfect cut. Again, thick hair is best for achieving this look, and using a hair loss treatment concealer from Vibrantz cosmetics can make this volume-enhancing cut look even more voluminous.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

3. Baby Braids

This adorable Y2K trend is back! By sectioning off two small sections of hair close to the face and using a small clear hair elastic, you can create this look in a matter of minutes.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan


4. Wolf Cut

Move over, mullet. The Gen-Z shag cut is here. Popularized by Korean A listers, this funky cut is the latest punk look. Miley Cyrus is rocking a bleached blonde wolf cut as she reemerges as a rocker. We’re a little obsessed. Pump up the volume in this cut with a hair locking mist or spray like this one from Vibrantz Cosmetics. Whether keeping wispies under control or adding more volume, the Vibrantz spray is a must-have for a look like this.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

5. Chunky Money Pieces

The 90’s called, and they want their highlights back! As far as fall hair trends go, this one is also here to stay. Chunky money pieces are a balayage treatment where the stylist lifts the pieces of hair closest to the face to brighten the whole look, drawing emphasis to the eyes and face. Chunky money pieces can be added to brighten up almost any dye job, and we love that versatility. And… Beyoncé did it. So, you know it’s good.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

6. Shadow Root / Smudge Root / Melt Root

This fall hair trend takes a little explaining. Hair maintenance is expensive, and for those looking for a way to cut their salon visits down to twice or three times a year, this style is for you. When you ask for any of these three styles, your stylist will keep your natural color at the root and blur the area where the highlight meets your natural color. This treatment adds dimension and makes the grow out more natural and less harsh.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan


7. Warm creamy blonde

Warm blondes are in for fall! Don’t get us wrong – we love a good cool blonde, too. But we can’t ignore all of the beautiful warm blonde tones we’ve been seeing. Knowing your undertones is key to achieving this look – if you tend toward cool undertones, you’ll want to work with your stylist to achieve this look over time.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

8. Copper

Keke Palmer is absolutely thrilling us with this beautiful copper color and her gorgeous curls. If we had to choose, we would call copper the color of the season.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

9. Deep Auburn

Deep auburn is a striking look. Something about the intensity of this color turns heads, no matter what time of year it is.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

10. Bright brassy red

This bold tone is almost orange and sends some vibrance into those cool fall days. We love this twist on the classic red look.

Vibrantz Cosmetics hair fibers in Pakistan

We hope you got some inspiration from these fall hair color ideas and fall hair trends! Fall is one of the best times of year to make a bold change. Don’t forget to check out Vibrantz Cosmetics hair thinning products. Leave us a comment and let us know which of these you want to try!

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  1. Lovely article and ideas. I love shadow root and cooper style.
    Images are too big and writing is so small. Too much advertising makes the website look bad really.
    Good write up though.

  2. I love all the hair styles but my most favourite is curtain bangs.

    By the way since when Pakistanis magazines doing so much detailed research 🤣

    Very informative

  3. I love all the hair styles but my most favourite is curtain bangs.

    By the way since when Pakistanis magazines doing so much detailed research 🤣✨

    Very informative researching ❤️


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