A Tragic Story About An Afghan Footballer And A Doctor Who Died After Falling From A US Plane!


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As the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, tragic events unfolded at Kabul’s international airport. According to reports, the two persons who fell from the airplane while attempting to flee Afghanistan have been identified.

A failed attempt to exit the nation culminated in tumultuous events at Kabul’s airport, which drew a big crowd. Two people were tragically killed after they fell from a plane in Kabul. They secured themselves to the aircraft’s wheels as it flew out of Afghanistan amid mounting tensions.

According to a distressing video posted on social media, two individuals fell from a C-17 airplane shortly after it took off. The US military confirmed that human remains were later discovered in a wheel well. Additionally, it stated that it was examining reported deaths associated with the C-17.

"sunday plus", A Tragic Story About An Afghan Footballer And A Doctor Who Died After Falling From A US Plane!

On Monday, an Afghan youngster died after falling from a USAF Boeing C-17. He represented his country’s young football team. He was named Zaki Anwari, a 19-year-old footballer, by an Afghan news agency on Thursday. Anwari is reported to have attempted to cling to the aircraft’s exterior as it took off from Hamid Karzai international airport.

Afghanistan’s General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports confirmed the report Thursday morning via social media. “With great regret and sadness, we have learned that Zaki Anwari, one of the national team’s youth footballers, has died in a horrific incident,” the statement read.

Dentist in Afghanistan

According to reports, Fida Mohammad, a 22-year-old Afghan dentist, is the second person to have died in a fall. The deceased’s father discussed his son in an interview with an Afghan news outlet. The heartbroken father explained that his son spent several years studying at a private hospital before getting hired.

According to his father, Fida married a year ago and mistakenly spent too much money on his wedding. This resulted in significant debt and anxiety. “When the Taliban arrived, he saw that American planes were taking Afghans from Kabul to the United States,” his father continued. Fida left the house the day after the Taliban arrived in Kabul. Additionally, his family believed he reported to work as usual.

"sunday plus", A Tragic Story About An Afghan Footballer And A Doctor Who Died After Falling From A US Plane!

“However, we were unable to contact him until 1:30 p.m., when I received a call from a man. He stated that an individual fell from a plane, and we located your phone number on his phone,” he stated. That same night, the family buried their son, the doctor, at the municipal cemetery.

According to Reuters, five individuals died at the airport due to the turmoil produced by US forces defending the evacuation of embassy workers.

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