A female Afghan journalist who interviewed a Taliban leader fled the country.


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According to CNN, Beheshta Arghand, a female news anchor for TOLO News, has departed Afghanistan.

“If the Taliban do what they say – what they promise – and the situation improves, and I am assured that I am secure and unharmed, I will return to my country and work for it. For my people,” she told CNN.

Arghand stated that the interview with a Taliban spokesperson was challenging, “but I did it for Afghan women.”

“I told myself, ‘One of us has to begin…

If we stay at home or do not report to work, they would claim that the ladies do not want to work,’ but I told myself, ‘Start working,'” Arghand explained.

“And I stated to the Taliban member, ‘We are seeking our rights.’ We desire employment. We desire — indeed, we are required — to be a part of society. This is our legal right.’

On August 17, Arghand met with Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad, a top Taliban representative. She discussed the Taliban’s home searches in Kabul and the general situation on the ground throughout the interview.

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