Who is Kashif Zameer Chaudhry, and why was he in Lahore to host Ertugrul’s Engin Altan? Why is he being detained now?


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Kashif Zameer Chaudhry – the name went viral on social media following the man’s images with prominent Turkish actor Engin Altan.

Altan, who portrayed Ertugrul Ghazi in Diliris: Ertugrul, has a sizable fan base in Pakistan. So naturally, his presence in Pakistan drew attention and intrigue to the individual responsible for bringing him here.

The rumours intensified following Altan’s departure from the country and Kashif’s imprisonment.

Kashif Zameer Chaudhry: Is he a TikToker or a fraud?

Kashif, a well-known TikToker, is renowned for his penchant for wearing heavy gold chains and owning pet lions, for which he has been called out. Kashif is the Chaudhry Group of Companies owner in Punjab and proudly displays photographs with prominent politicians and celebrities.


Complaints and arrests filed with the police

Kashif had been arrested by police a day before. According to officials, he is being investigated in at least eight fraud and deception incidents, betrayal of trust, automobile theft, and robbery. Additionally, he allegedly threatened a local television anchor. Furthermore, he was recently accused of defrauding a Turkish actor with a faulty check.

A case of deception and fraud involving a million dollar transaction.

According to reports, Kashif signed a $1 million contract with the Ertugrul star but only gave over a $5,000 check, which Altan attempted to pay but bounced.

According to social media sources, Kashif, his father, and his brother have been nominated in several similar cases. According to reports, the TikToker lives with his pet lion in a leased property in Lahore.

He also owes money to the jeweller for those glistening gold chains.

On the other hand, Kashif refuted all claims and maintained that the storey of his fraud was fabricated. He also denied accusations that he deceived the Turkish celebrity, claiming that people were jealous of his ability to bring Altan to Pakistan on his own.

The transaction, however, proved to be a hoax since Zameer failed to make any payments to Altan.

The Tiktoker was arrested after Altan submitted a report with Punjab’s top cop, Inam Ghani.

According to DSP CIA Iqbal Town Mian Shafqat, Ghani directed the CCPO to action against the suspect.

"sunday plus", Who is Kashif Zameer Chaudhry, and why was he in Lahore to host Ertugrul's Engin Altan? Why is he being detained now?

A Honda civic automobile, a green number plate, and a spinning blue light were recovered during the raid on his apartment.

The DSP stated, when displaying the gold necklaces, rings, and other bling discovered from Zameer, that “all of these goods are phoney.”

He claims that other more lawsuits have been filed against him and that “his activities have tarnished the country’s image.”

The police officer claimed that “the suspect is already facing at least six crimes in Lahore and Sialkot, including illegal possession of firearms and fraud.”

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