Harem Shah’s deleted photo reveals a mystery hand: Is she married?


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Finally, the mysterious hand in Hareem Shah’s deleted photo has been identified: it belongs to businessman Hassan Iqbal, who is also a well-known TikToker.

"sunday plus", Harem Shah's deleted photo reveals a mystery hand: Is she married?

According to Hassan Iqbal, the hand pictured in the post is of him and a friend, not Hareem Shah. Iqbal also claimed that he had nothing to do with Hareem and that he had previously shared the photograph on social media.

"sunday plus", Harem Shah's deleted photo reveals a mystery hand: Is she married?

Iqbal stated that he had no idea how or why Hareem Shah obtained and uploaded the photo on her page. On the other hand, Hareem Shah has debunked rumours about her marriage to Hassan Iqbal, stating that they are untrue and prevent people from associating with anyone.

Hareem did confess that she is acquainted with Hassan and has a long-standing relationship with him. Both have communicated regarding the promotion of her photographs, but she has no further interaction with him.

Hareem Shah confirmed that she is married to a Sindh PPP Member of Parliament. However, because her spouse is already married and has not informed his first wife, she cannot give complete facts of her marriage.

It’s been two days since the controversial TikToker’s marriage announcement trended on social media, but is Hareem Shah truly married? Hareem Shah shared a photo on her official Instagram account on Sunday evening in which she was seen wearing a ring. She took a photograph while holding the hand of the man who is also wearing the ring.

As soon as her fans realized Hareem was possibly in a relationship, she erased the post within a few hours of posting it. Then, on Monda, the TikToker unexpectedly revealed that she had married a Pakistan Peoples Party politician but refused to divulge any other details about him.

After Hareem revealed to a private news program that her spouse is a member of the ‘Sindh Assembly’ and a ‘provincial minister,’ several political leaders came under fire.

Numerous people on social media claimed that Hareem Shah became engaged to PPP leader Zulfiqar Shah. The leader, on the other hand, rejected the wedding claims via the contentious TikToker.

Once again, the question is whether Hareem is truly a married lady at this point. Or is that another public relations ploy? Not a single image of Hareem Shah’s wedding was shared on social media, even though he is a public figure? On social media, only images of Hareem dressed up as a bride have been shared.

If she has married a political figure, why isn’t she disclosing more information about him? Hareem revealed with her fans that she would soon reveal news about the wedding. However, is she truly married?

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