Electronic Arts’ Serious Security Breach—Will EA Redeem Codes?


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"sunday Plus", Electronic Arts' Serious Security Breach—Will EA Redeem Codes?

Electronic Arts suffered a significant security breach at the hands of hackers, who stole critical source codes and astonished fans worldwide. EA is currently in the worst possible position in every way.

This is not the first time such a hacking situation has occurred, as several other gaming firms have seen similar greatly amplified issues in recent years, causing them considerable distress.

CD Projekt Red also experienced a significant security breach within a few months of the release of Cyberpunk 2077, with sensitive material stolen. That incident created a significant problem for the organization and resulted in substantial amounts of data.

EA Has Been Hacked—Data Source Code Has Been Stolen

Electronic Arts (EA) has lost valuable data due to a breach they were unaware of. The attackers came out and claimed to have downloaded significant source codes for games such as FIFA 21 and Frostbite’s other files, which serve as the foundation for other high-profile EA games.

Vice broadcasted the official announcement, indicating that about 780GB of data had been stolen. An EA official stated that “no player data was obtained during the incident following the hack.”

EA is not a mid-sized corporation; it belongs to the elite group of high-profile game publishers that have created some of the most amazing games to date, such as Battlefield, Star Wars, and The Sims.

Players Are Not in Danger

"sunday Plus", Electronic Arts' Serious Security Breach—Will EA Redeem Codes?

One of EA’s spokespersons made claims about player data and their data.

“We began an investigation into a recent intrusion into our network, during which a small amount of game source code and associated tools were stolen,”

Additionally, she stated, “There was no access to player data, and we have no reason to believe there is any risk to player privacy.”

Electronic Arts promptly updated its security and data procedures following the hack. Additionally, the company noted that it did not anticipate “an impact on our games or our business.”

According to CNN, an EA official stated, “We are investigating a recent intrusion into our network that resulted in the theft of a small amount of game source code and related tools.”

” As part of this continuing criminal investigation, we are actively collaborating with law enforcement officers and other experts.”

To comprehend the Source Code, it is a much simpler version to understand than the final version. Hackers also acquired the source code for Frostbite, EA’s most significant game creation engine. From FIFA to the Battlefield series, there is something for everyone.

The hackers even stated that they possessed “all capabilities necessary to compromise all EA services.” Not only that but FIFA 22 may also be at risk, as they have the code for their player matchmaking server.

Taking a look back at recent hacking history, Capcom, one of the most promising and well-known game publishers, suffered a ransomware attack in November last year, exposing the personal information of up to 350,000 people.

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