Nobody will be left unpunished: The Prime Minister has vowed to bring the DG Khan thugs to justice.


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"sunday plus", Nobody will be left unpunished: The Prime Minister has vowed to bring the DG Khan thugs to justice.

Prime Minister Imran Khan vowed on Wednesday to bring Dacoits in Dera Ghazi Khan to justice after a video showing a gang brutally murdering three people went popular on social media.

Addressing a launch event for the Insaf Sehat Sahulat Card in Layyah, he expressed his sadness at the sight of poor people being slain in such a brutal manner. He stated that the Rangers had been directed to apprehend the criminals and provide all necessary help to the police.

“These scumbags will no longer be spared. No one will be permitted to harass area residents in the future, “He assured, adding that a police checkpoint would be constructed in the area if necessary.

Three people were abducted from the Taman Khosa region by the Ladi gang. A video that went viral yesterday showed one being shot dead while the ring leader, identified as Khuda Baksh, hacked off the limbs of the other.

His partner was documenting the atrocities the entire time. According to the film, the Ladi gang leader claimed to have “assassinated the killers of his comrade Haroon. Usman Buzdar, the Chief Minister of Punjab, also expressed severe worry about the event and ordered quick action against the group.

"sunday plus", Nobody will be left unpunished: The Prime Minister has vowed to bring the DG Khan thugs to justice.

According to Hamza Salik, DG Khan’s political assistant for the tribal area, members of the Ladi gang have taken refuge in the Koh-e-Sulaiman mountain range. He stated that the border soldiers, assisted by Rangers and Punjab police, will “eradicate the gang.” Sehat cards provide comprehensive health coverage.

Speaking on the sehat cards, the prime minister stated that providing citizens with health cards would assure comprehensive and cost-free health coverage, which was previously unthinkable in the country’s history. He stated that now that the Punjab province’s health care facility has been extended to every family, the impoverished will no longer have to worry about medical treatment.

He stated that every family in the divisions of Sahiwal and Dera Ghazi Khan may now access health care worth Rs720,000. They are entitled to health care in both public and private hospitals. When necessary, an additional Rs300,000 might be handed to worthy families, he added.

Additionally, the prime minister emphasized the importance of encouraging the private sector to participate fully in health projects. He noted that government-owned land might be offered to the private sector at cheap rates for hospitals and other health services, particularly in rural areas.

The prime minister stated that he desired health cards for every family in Punjab. He also requested that the Punjab chief minister pay special attention to the province’s backward areas that have lagged in terms of development.

The prime minister stated that widespread migration from rural to urban regions occurred due to a lack of economic prospects and basic services, increasing the population of cities and resulting in a slew of significant municipal concerns such as sewerage problems and a scarcity of drinking water.

” Development must include all areas and leave no room behind,” he emphasized. In outlining the rationale for the launch of the health cards facility, the prime minister added that disadvantaged families lacked the resources necessary to address their health needs.

He stated that it was out of concern for the situation of disadvantaged families that the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital was established (SKMH). All of these essential requirements would be met by health insurance, he stated.

According to the prime minister, Pakistan’s child mortality rate and maternal mortality ratio have historically been extremely high, making it critical to construct health facilities in all backward areas. PM Imran Khan also lauded the solarization of all basic health centers in Punjab’s backward areas as a commendable initiative.

Earlier, Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar informed the gathering that various uplift projects in Layyah totaling Rs21 billion were underway. He stated that every inhabitant of the province would receive a health card before the end of the year. Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmeen Rashid stated that the province’s population would benefit from a broad health institution network.

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