Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower – an imposing new development in Africa

"sunday plus", Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower – an imposing new development in Africa

An epic project is nearing completion – on Zanzibar’s west coast, 15 kilometers from Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a multifunctional complex called Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower is to be built. AICL and Edinburgh Crowland Management Ltd. will collaborate on the design in collaboration with cassia.

For Jean-Paul Cassia, design director at xCassia, the realization of this project has been a long-held ambition. However, the absence of a far-sighted investor and a suitable platform thwarted the dreams.

Today, project participants and Zanzibar authorities anticipate the construction of «Zanzibar Domino» with high hopes, believing that it will have a significant economic impact on the companies involved in the project’s implementation and on Zanzibar as a whole.

The development, connected by a high and low bridge structure, will be spread across three key locations: the Arrivals Plaza, Zanzibar Domino, and the Island Resort.

The Arrivals Plaza will serve as a staged triage point for traffic entering and exiting the island. Additionally, it will welcome prospective global home buyers interested in the project’s exclusive branded residential opportunities.

"sunday plus", Zanzibar Domino Commercial Tower – an imposing new development in Africa

Zanzibar Domino will offer visitors the chance to contemplate a one-of-a-kind aquarium while enjoying an abundance of shops, restaurants, a cinema, and a rooftop pool with panoramic views. Additionally, a yacht club, a helicopter pad, a cultural and exhibition pavilion, an international conference center, an entertainment center, and venues for large-scale performances equipped with giant media screens will be included.

Additionally, the project envisions a residential component comprised of private apartments and several hotels. This portion of the project will be housed in the Zanzibar Domino Tower. Residents and guests of the tower will have access to various high-end services (SPAs, restaurants, a panorama platform, etc.).

The complex is centered on the luxurious Zanzibar Domino Island Resort, which features exclusive villas, shops, restaurants, marinas, helipads, a golf course, an event venue, exhibition pavilions, and an incredible wedding chapel overlooking the Indian Ocean.

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