Women In Pakistan Want To Understand exactly How This Rs93,000 Designer Dress Is Worth It!

"Pakistan", Women In Pakistan Want To Understand exactly How This Rs93,000 Designer Dress Is Worth It!

There is an old proverb that states, ‘you get what you pay for.’ However, when it comes to fashion, the statement is true. You pay a low price for a low-quality product. However, when it comes to high-end designer clothing, that age-old adage frequently fails. You pay far more than you receive.

Intelligent people understand that value is determined by what something is worth, not by its cost. Spending a few dollars on clothing that begins to disintegrate after a few washes is not a bargain. A naive person might believe that when purchasing high-end designer brands, you get what you pay for. While the fabrics and construction are generally superior to fast fashion, most of the money is spent on marketing. You are aware that advertising in significant magazines is not inexpensive. Conglomerates that sell upscale designer brands spend a fortune convincing buyers that their brands are prestigious. That is the price you are paying. Nobody wants to dress in garments that appear and feel cheap. However, spending an arm and a leg on a dress that is the same quality and style as significantly less expensive is also not prudent.

To each his or her own, we suppose. Thus, Mansha Pasha of Mera Naam Yusuf Hai was recently spotted wearing a stunning ensemble. On Twitter, a user expressed how much she admired Pasha’s dress until she discovered its price. The dress’s details

The dress is by Souchaj and is from Sunehrey Pal ’21’s collection.https://laam.pk/collections/souchaj-sunehrey-pal-21/products/dilkush-1 As can be seen, it is a long lavender kurta embroidered with bold motifs and intricately enhanced with iconic techniques, paired with raw silk cuff trousers and a contrast lime organza dupatta embroidered with multicolored fern leaves, as Souchaj’s official page describes it. What else can we say? We’re surprised, but not surprised, given that we discovered yesterday that an airplane-shaped handbag costs more than an actual airplane! Yes, you read that correctly. Consider that it is not even an airplane, but rather a $39,000 bag shaped like an airplane.

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