Tehzeeb Bakery Fined Rs. 1 Million

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) fined “Tehzeeb Bakers” Rs. 1 million for failing to link their retail outlets to the FBR’s Point of Sale (POS) system.

"sunday plus", Tehzeeb Bakery Fined Rs. 1 Million

According to a senior FBR official, the tax agency has issued an Rs. 1 million punishment on the Rawalpindi outlet of “Tehzeeb Bakers” for failing to integrate POS devices with the tax department’s system.

Later on, officials added, the company’s outlet integrated their machines with the tax department’s system.

It’s worth noting that, as of May 31, 2021, 10767 stores have connected their machines with the FBR system.

According to officials, the FBR is developing a ‘Lucky draw’ strategy for consumers who receive digital cash slip from businesses.

The tax agency will educate the public on the importance of receiving online invoices for all purchases.

The Finance Minister unveiled the cash reward scheme in the budget and pledged to connect the FBR system to 0.5 million merchants. Interestingly, the FBR will provide cash prizes in this lucky draw to persons who are either the filer or will become the filer if they qualify.

"sunday plus", Tehzeeb Bakery Fined Rs. 1 Million

On the other hand, the FBR eliminated the tariff on importing point-of-sale machines in this budget to encourage large retailers to buy duty-free machines.

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