‘Sick of bad Muslim stereotypes, the industry must evolve’ Riz

Riz Ahmed, an Oscar nominee and Emmy Award winner, says it is past time to alter public perceptions of Muslim characters in world cinema.

While discussing USC Annenberg’s study on Muslim representation in media, Riz stated that it is past time for the public opinion of Muslims in films to alter.

"sunday plus", ‘Sick of bad Muslim stereotypes, the industry must evolve' Riz

“I’m tired of seeing Muslim characters on television who are either antagonistic or non-existent. The industry must transform. Our latest study substantiates what many of us have long believed about Muslims in Film. The price is in hatred and lost lives,” he remarked in a video uploaded on Twitter.

“Today, we’re launching a solution — a grant to Muslim filmmakers and a template for the business to adopt IMMEDIATELY,” he wrote on the social media platform.

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