SHOCKING! A Man in Islamabad Tortures and Hangs A Cat To Death On His House Stairs

On Saturday, a cat was discovered hanged on the staircase of a residence in Islamabad. The following day, federal authorities detained a man for torturing and hanging the cat.

A photo of the incident was uploaded on social media, with an appeal to Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqat to take notice.

After a photo of the incident went viral, several residents flocked to social media to voice their outrage. The authorities had been pressed to take severe action against the man who mistreated and tormented the animal.

The Lohi Bher police arrested a former government official, Raja Abdul Qayyum, by the deputy commissioner’s order. Additionally, he was the subject of a complaint. According to Lohi Bher police, Anila Umair has also filed a written complaint with the department. According to the police, a case against the accused has been lodged under Section 429 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

The incident is depicted below:

According to the complainant, who is a professional animal welfare activist, the accused is also a frequent perpetrator of domestic violence. Additionally, she added that residents are fearful of speaking out against the family. She asserts that this particular act of animal cruelty has contributed to the neighborhood’s “climate of fear.”

The Islamabad Deputy Commissioner verified the arrest of the offenders via Twitter.

What could the poor cat possibly have done to earn this fate? Seeing a cat hanged in Islamabad is terrible. Animal abuse is a tragic mirror of our culture, all the more so when its primary targets for generating suffering are those who are unable to defend themselves, those who lack a voice to speak out against brutality.

Each new day, it appears as though mankind perishes a bit more — despite our claims to be pseudo-intellectuals and educated. A video of a man mercilessly beating and torturing a helpless small lion cub would not only shrink your bowels but will also twist and bend them. One can only envision the abuser’s nasty and wicked nature.

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