‘She Attempts To Flee, But I Dragged Her Back Into The House’ – Zahir Jaffer Admits To Murdering Noor

"sunday Plus", 'She Attempts To Flee, But I Dragged Her Back Into The House' – Zahir Jaffer Admits To Murdering Noor

During interrogation, Zahir Jaffer, accused of murdering Noor Mukadam, finally confesses and admits to committing the crime. “Zahir Jaffer’s statement is being recorded, and he will also appear before a magistrate to have his statement recorded pursuant to CrPC 164.” On the condition of anonymity, a police officer told Dawn about Jaffer’s confession that Zahir admits to killing Noor. Meanwhile, investigators discovered footage from surveillance cameras installed throughout the neighborhood. “In the footage, the girl can be seen attempting to flee the house by leaping from the first floor and sprinting towards the main gate,” Dawn learned from sources.

According to them, the woman hides in a guard’s room after discovering the gate is locked. Later in the video, the accused can enter the room and drag the victim back into the house.

A member of the US embassy’s staff meets Zahir Jaffer

Meanwhile, the staff of the US embassy met with Jaffer on Monday. The embassy had requested a meeting with the accused, a dual citizen of the United States and Pakistan.

The police hierarchy later granted permission for the meeting to the embassy staff. Following Jaffer’s appearance before the District of Islamabad and courts, the conference took place in the office of a senior police officer. The embassy staff met with the accused in the presence of several senior police officers during the initial phase of the meeting. Later, in the absence of the police officers, another round of discussions was held.

Additionally, a police officer briefed embassy officials on the case and its progress to date. Jaffer was later transferred to the Kohsar police station.

"sunday Plus", 'She Attempts To Flee, But I Dragged Her Back Into The House' – Zahir Jaffer Admits To Murdering Noor

“I am unable to comment on the case due to privacy concerns,” Heather Eaton, the US embassy’s spokesperson, told Dawn.

Additionally, senior police officers declined to comment on the meeting. However, Inspector-General of Police Qazi Jameelur Rehman stated, “Please allow me to check.” Inspector Abdul Sattar, the investigating officer, told Dawn that he was not always with the accused or at the police station.

On the complaint of Noor’s father, former ambassador Shaukat Ali Mukadam, Kohsar police registered an FIR. Mukadam expressed hope for justice, stating, “I am a father, and I will not spare anyone if justice is denied us.”

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