Shahzad Malik – MD Master Group of Industries, Sheds Light on The Importance of Wind Energy.

The fact that the world needs forms of renewable and clean energy is no secret. As technology continues to advance, so will our choices of sustainable energy. Significantly, Wind energy is one of the fastest-growing energy sources globally. At Master Group of Industries, the team understands that wind energy is set to dominate the energy sector in the years to come. Hence, they have taken this proud step for the nation’s progress and are committed to striving for it.

Their mission is to serve the country and set an example as a responsible entity while catering to its shareholders’ interests. Above all, they are committed to providing clean and reliable energy sources by building and operating state-of-the-art wind power facilities. In addition to providing technical excellence to certify the effective delivery of renewable and sustainable energy in Pakistan.

Our motherland is blessed with the gift of natural beauty and natural resources, providing us with all we need and more. By capitalizing on this thought, the Master Group takes a responsibility to add to the progression of this great nation. 

The managing director of Master MoltyFoam and Master Wind Energy, Mr. Shahzad Malik, says, ” The cost of electricity in this country has gone exponentially high. We need to have our basket of electricity in Pakistan, to be reduced through renewable resources.”

Notably, Master Wind Energy currently has two operational wind power projects, with an accumulative capacity of approximately 103 Megawatts.

MD MoltyFoam, Mr. Shahzad Malik further adds, “We want to help the country come together and create a negative emission structure, and with your help, we can make it a reality.”

Furthermore, with these and their existing pipelines of hydro and solar power projects, the Master Group of Industries continues to do their part in making sure the electricity continues to come down while at the same time ensuring a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Managing Director with Master MoltyFoam, Mr. Shahzad Malik, sheds light on a fascinating insight. He says, “We are producing four times more energy than we are consuming as a group hence making us a carbon-negative organization. Today our capacity totals 105.3 MW of renewable energy.”

The residents of Jhimpir and Jamshoro found a great source of livelihood from these projects. At the same time, Master Group is also at the forefront in the community service of these people. The Master Group of Industries intends to be engaged further in similar social service initiatives. 

In conclusion,

The Master Group took this first step for the nation’s progress, and they have a long way to go. The winds of prosperity will spread throughout the country because they are moving with the winds. 

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