Shaheen 1-A, Pakistan successfully test-fired a ballistic missile


ISLAMABAD: The armed forces successfully test-fired the Shaheen 1-A medium-range ballistic missile on Friday, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations Office (ISPR).

Since the beginning of the year, the armed forces have conducted five missile tests with launches of the Shaheen-3, Ghaznavi, Babur cruise missile, and Fatah-1.

According to the military’s media arm. The test flight aimed to re-validate various design and technical parameters of the weapon system, including an advanced navigation system.

President Alvi, Imran Khan, and Chairman Of the Joint chiefs Committee and Services Chief. Per the ISPR, congratulated all scientists and engineers involved in today’s missile test but on its success.

Lieutenant General Nadeem Zaki Manj, Director General Strategic Plans Division, Dr Raza Samar, Chairman NESCOM, Lieutenant General Muhammad Ali, Commander Army Strategic Forces Command, and the scientists and engineers from the strategic organisations concerned were all present for the flight test. Shaheen 1-A

Pakistan had previously carried out a successful training launch of the Babur IA cruise missile.


The cruise missile has a range of 450 kilometres and can fired from a carrier or a land-based quad-launcher.

The military successfully launched the Babur cruise missile from a submarine for the first time in 2018. Giving Islamabad a credible second-strike capability and bolstering the current deterrence regime.

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