Sajid Ali Sadpara Is Returning To K2 To Discover What Happened To His Father

"sunday plus", Sajid Ali Sadpara Is Returning To K2 To Discover What Happened To His Father

Sajid Ali Sadpara, the late Mohammad Ali Sadpara’s son, and Canadian filmmaker Elia Saikaly revealed their intention to summit K2 on Thursday to conduct a ground search for the three missing climbers.

With great pleasure, I announce that Elia Saikaly and I will be traveling to K2 to conduct a ground search for three missing climbers from the K2 winter trip, including my father, Ali Sadpara. To ascertain what occurred to them and the likelihood of his recovery. We require numerous prayers and well wishes,” Sajid sent out a tweet.

“During this journey, I intend to shoot a documentary about the lives of my father and John Snorri,” he stated during a press briefing at the Islamabad Press Club. “I am aware that my father is no longer living, yet I wish to see K2 and learn what happened to him.

Sajid’s summit will begin on June 25. (today). He claimed that climbing the world’s second-tallest mountain will take him and his team 40 to 45 days. During the journey, the mountaineer intends to locate his father’s body as well.

‘I wish I could return and see for myself.’

“I’m in Pakistan and on my way to K2 with Sajid Sadpara to look for his father, Ali Sadpara, and our close buddy John Snorri,” Elia Saikaly wrote on social media.

“We were scheduled to be with them the night they vanished with JP More, and we are probably still alive because fate intervened and forced PK and me back just below camp 3,” he stated. “Ali, JP Mohr, and John were never seen again. Sajid is still alive.” Sadpara was a Pakistani mountaineer who proudly flew the Pakistani flag from eight peaks. He was also a member of the team that conquered Nanga Parbat’s first-ever winter summit in 2016.

"sunday plus", Sajid Ali Sadpara Is Returning To K2 To Discover What Happened To His Father

Sadpara, along with Iceland’s John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr, was last spotted on February 5, only 300 meters short of the top of K2. Pakistani officials declared Sadpara dead in February. Additionally, they cancelled a big rescue mission.

“Today is the fourth day. Since that day, no one has seen my father. He is up there, 8,000 feet above the ground. However, to be completely candid, I remain hopeful for his comeback. My father, you see, is a survivor. He has always been that way,” his son stated earlier in an interview as he expected a miracle.

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