Sabrin Hassan, 12, Wins a $40,000 Car in a Quran Competition.

"sunday plus", Sabrin Hassan, 12, Wins a $40,000 Car in a Quran Competition.

Sabrin Hassan, 12, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, has won a 2021 Toyota Highlander.

She received this vehicle as a reward for winning the 30 Juz Quranic competition and placing first. As soon as the news broke, it quickly spread virally on social media. People were taken aback when a match gifted a 12-year-old with a vehicle worth $40,000 for participating in a Quran competition.

Additionally, the 12-year-old received a cash prize of $4,000 (N1.6 million) and a ticket to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s next umrah.

Sabrin Hassan, 12, Wins a $40,000 Car in a Quran Competition.

Sabrin was photographed receiving her prize, and a Toyota Highlander mid-size crossover SUV draped in a massive red ribbon. Sabrin found herself behind the wheel even though she lacked a driver’s license. The vehicle was useless to a 12-year-old. Not until she reaches the age of 18 and obtains a driver’s license.

Naturally, many people commented on the competition’s prize structure, which was designed for a 12-year-old.

Thousands of Muslims worldwide congratulated Sabrin Hassan, 12, on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, for winning the Quran competition.

“How is a 12-year-old going to use a vehicle?” According to a Facebook user.

“Knowledge of God is wisdom in and of itself,” one user commented. “Excellent work, our princess.”

Additionally, a user stated that “the organizers should consider a more appropriate award/prize for winners, particularly young ones like these who have their entire lives ahead of them.” She and her family may have more pressing needs, making this a liability.”

The Muslim American Society (MAS) encourages young children to compete in various Quran competitions held throughout Minnesota each year. The mission of MAS is to inspire people to Strive for God-Consciousness, Liberty, and Justice and Communicate Islam with the Greatest Clarity.

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