Primary Minister Imran Khan has been mocked on social media for having an in-person meeting despite being COVID-19 optimistic.

Primary Minister Imran Khan

After testing coronavirus positively last week, social media armed Thursday after Primary Minister Imran Khan met earlier in the day.

“Primary Minister Imran Khan today at the Bani Gala with the media team”, but Faraz tweeted with a photo that shows him sat in a room with six other people.

Although the premier kept a safe distance from his media staff, Twitterati had outraged and called the act “irresponsible.”

Haider, a Twitter user, pointed out to the Minister of Information that his tweet but was “soft and extremely reckless.”

Former MQM chief Raza Haroon was the first to show ‘bad optics.’

Twitter user @ASK7799 pointed out how ‘sensitive’ governments operate during the outbreak, with Boris Johnson’s photo attending a virtual meeting of the UK government.

One user, @frekonomist5, urged Shibli Faraz to search for the virus as well.

“It’s more shameful than disappointing,” another wrote.

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