‘Modern Molvi Ki Biwi’ – Netizens Troll Hamza While Naimal Heats A Wedding Dance Floor

Apart from being Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife and a former actress, Maimal Khawar is a visual artist, painter, and social activist. Naimal Khawar has also demonstrated some dance moves during a recent wedding performance, but netizens appear unimpressed.

While some may remember her as Izza from the drama Anaa and others as Mahgul from the film Verna, Khawar catapulted to prominence in 2019 when the prominent actor Hamza Ali Abbasi married her seemingly out of nowhere. They quickly became the town’s hottest couple.

Naimal Khawar, a former actress, was recently seen dancing her heart out with her sister and brother-in-law at a wedding. Social media users shared videos of their dancing performances globally.

It’s worth noting that shortly after marriage, Abbasi took a hiatus from the media to follow a spiritual path. The actor-turned-preacher began sharing his opinions and understanding of religion on social media.

He frequently takes the time to connect with his followers and other social media users, clarifying religious concepts they do not grasp.

As a result, seeing the wife of a ‘preacher’ rock the dance floor at a recent wedding infuriated social media users. Perhaps for the best of intentions. IAbbasi advised that he begins his charitable work in the privacy of his own home before spreading Islam to the world.

Consider the following videos:

Social media users were quick to mock the Anaa star for dancing while her husband Abbasi lectured others on the need to adhere to Islamic principles.

The pair faces criticism:

Are you in agreement with them? After all, shouldn’t you be living what you preach and initiating charitable acts from the convenience of your own home before becoming so self-righteous?

By the way, this is not the first instance of Khawar dancing. Previously, seeing Khawar dressed up and demonstrating her dance talents during her sister’s wedding did not sit well with her admirers and followers.

Her sister, Fiza Khawar, married in 2020. Khawar, dressed in a magnificent maroon gown and looking simply stunning, danced her heart out at her sister’s wedding. Similarly, the former actress faced backlash at the time for doing so.

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