MARIA B X AYEZA KHAN – 2021’s Most Influential Fashion Couple

"sunday plus", MARIA B X AYEZA KHAN – 2021's Most Influential Fashion Couple

Without a doubt, Maria.B. is a leading Pakistani designer label transformed into a big retail brand, with a wealth of collections reflecting the designer’s appreciation for feminine beauty.

Maria.B. is a pioneer in the sector. Continues to captivate its audience by providing a premium shopping experience in every manner. On the other hand, all it takes is turning on the television or checking your social media to discover that Ayeza Khan is by far the most popular female celebrity today.

From serious dramas such as ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ to lighter fare such as ‘Chupke Chupke,’ she has caught the nation’s imagination in a way that no other actress has. And everyone gets to see how perfectly this iconic combination pairs with Maria. Latest B.’s unstitched Mbroidered Heritage Edition’21.

Maria. B & Ayeza Khan

Maria and Ayeza Khan. B. have teamed together once more to enchant Pakistani fashionistas. And we say collaborate because the link between the mega-brand and the celebrity goes beyond that of designer and muse.

This cross-border connection began when the two collaborated in Turkey for Pakistan’s most extensive lawn campaign, including Turkish drama star Gülsim Ali of Ertrugul.

Today, Ayeza Khan epitomizes Maria’s goal for ageless appeal at all times in their coveted unstitched Mbroidered Heritage Edition’21, which launches just in time for Eid.

The enchantment of exquisite craftsmanship is on full display in their latest campaign, which features Ayeza as the face of Maria B’s Mbroidered – Heritage Edition collection, which is aimed toward Eid ul Azha.

A glimpse at the collection reveals the extraordinary elegance of densely embroidered fabrics brimming with brilliant brilliance and traditional silhouettes. Ayeza’s statuesque beauty embodies and enhances these qualities.

"sunday plus", MARIA B X AYEZA KHAN – 2021's Most Influential Fashion Couple

However , this is not the first time the two industry titans have collaborated. Ayeza Khan, her husband Taimoor Khan, and their infant daughter Hoorain were all featured in Maria B’s Eid Collection in 2016. The lovely young family embodied the joyous atmosphere of Eid in Maria B.

Maria. B Collection 2021

Ayeza was recently featured as amuses for Maria B’s Lawn 2021 Collection. This was a one-of-a-kind campaign since it involved Ayeza and Maria and Turkish celebrity Gulsim Ali of ‘Ertugrul’ renown.

This captured the nation’s imagination as the brand teased us with films from Istanbul and, as all things Turkish were (and continue to be) fashionable in Pakistan. The 2021 Lawn Collection was ultimately unveiled to feature two leading ladies — Ayeza Khan and Gulsim Ali.

Maria B became the first fashion and lifestyle company to promote the cultural ties between Pakistan and Turkey with the collection titled ‘Uniting Cultures.’ And, rather than simply using a Turkish muse like many other businesses have done, including Pakistan’s most significant – Ayeza Khan – made it even more appealing to the Pakistani audience. This combination of Ayeza and Maria seems to work every time. We’re excited to see what the dynamic combo has in store for the future. We want to see more of the Mbroidered Heritage Edition collection for the time being!

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