Is Rahim Pardesi divorced to his second wife Somia?

Following his latest remarks, content producer and actor Rahim Pardesi has sparked speculation regarding the status of his second marriage to Somia. Rahim chose to disregard his supporters’ inquiries and concerns about his second wife’s disappearance.

Additionally, Somia has removed her social media accounts.

Earlier in May 2021, the YouTuber revealed that his wife came dangerously close to death as a result of a doctor’s incompetence in a private hospital. Pardesi stated that he created the movie to demonstrate how doctors and large institutions treat patients inhumanely.

Pardesi and his wife Somia revealed their challenging delivery experience and how Somia came dangerously close to death due to a doctor’s incompetence in a video titled ‘My wife almost died.’

The doctor first insisted on Somia having a Cesarean birth, according to the couple. When the infant was naturally delivered via regular delivery, the surgeons implanted five sponges inside her body.

They later took the video off.

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