During political debates, fully armed Taliban stand beside the Afghan anchor.

A few days ago, a video of Mirwais Haqdost, an Afghanistan Television (TV) broadcaster, conducting a debate in front of fully armed Taliban soldiers went popular on Twitter.

Eight troops were present on the air, fully armed, during the television host’s set of news.

Later, in an interview with an Afghan television station, the presenter stated, “After the programme aired, some threatened me by claiming you ridiculed Mujahiddin.”

“However, I provided the questions and they typed the responses on paper prior to the programme,” Haqdost remarked.

Twitter users responded to the video by casting doubt on the Taliban’s promise that individuals may live and work freely in Afghanistan.

“Free press,” a journalist stated. The Taliban’s version.”

Suzanne Kianpour, a journalist, wrote, “During which he is pleading with the Afghan people to cooperate with the ‘Islamic Emirate’… backed by armed Taliban troops #Afghanistan.”

Kavita Krishnan, an anti-Modi activist, and feminist, tweeted, “Parody is dead around the world because reality has killed it. Fear not, the broadcaster assures viewers as armed Taliban militants stand behind him, anxious not to be seen on camera.”

She said, “This situation would make an excellent semiotics class.”

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