By June 30, cinemas across the country may reopen

The National Command and Operation Centre may give the go-ahead for cinema reopening’s as early as June 30, Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry said Tuesday.

"sunday plus", By June 30, cinemas across the country may reopen: According to Fawad Choudhary.

During a post-cabinet press conference in Islamabad, the information minister stated that the cabinet has decided to monitor the implementation of development projects under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP).

According to Radio Pakistan, Chaudhry stated that we would develop a mechanism to ensure the timely availability of funds for the projects. To ensure transparency, the projects will be evaluated by a third party.

According to the national broadcaster, the minister stated that the PSDP allocation for the next fiscal year had been set at Rs900 billion, “and it will finance most of Sindh’s mega projects,” according to the national broadcaster.

Additionally, the cabinet approved the stormwater drainage project as part of the Karachi Transformation Plan.

Additionally, a National Cable Policy was approved, which calls for the digitalization of cable, improving transmission quality and expanding access to television channels.

According to Chaudhry, the government will also allow cable operators to purchase content.

Appointments of community welfare attach in seven countries were approved by the cabinet. “Two officers of Pakistan’s embassy in Saudi Arabia have been summoned following complaints from overseas Pakistanis,” the publication reported.

Additionally, we discussed the use of Electronic Voting Machines in light of the electoral reforms.

He stated that the Pakistani Election Commission was briefed on the EVMs. “The EVMs have been developed following the election commission’s aspirations,” he explained.

“We hope that the upcoming by-elections will be conducted using these electronic voting machines,” Chaudhry added.

The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs briefed the Prime Minister on the Elections (Second Amendment Bill) that the National Assembly recently passed. The meeting was informed that we had sent the bill to the Senate for consideration.

According to Chaudhry, the government views overseas Pakistanis as an integral part of Pakistan, and its “priority is to grant them the right to vote.”

The minister of information expressed a desire for the Supreme Court to hear Shahbaz Sharif’s cases daily. “The public desires to know the truth,” he explained.

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