‘Being the son of a Muslim celebrity has been his crime’ -Simi Raheel Slams The Indian Government.

"sunday plus", 'Being the son of a Muslim celebrity has been his crime' -Simi Raheel Slams The Indian Government.

Aryan Khan’s narcotics case has progressed to a new level as new perspectives have emerged. For those who are unaware of the latest issue surrounding King Khan’s son’s drug case. Recently, the Indian police raided the cruise party and apprehended a large number of kids. Along with them, Aryan Khan was detained for drug possession.

Two bail appeals have been filed thus far, and the time courts have denied both. This type of activity on the part of the court and police exemplifies a variety of various scenarios. Perhaps he is Muslim, which is why they are treating them this way. Because up to this point, had any other celebrity done the same thing, they would have escaped that agony.

Simi Raheel, another veteran Pakistani actress, also expressed her views on Aryan Khan’s arrest, garnered widespread attention as she went after the authorities for their treatment of the youngster.

Simi Raheel Launches A Slam Against The Indian Government

There are only a few people in Pakistan who support Aryan Khan; Simi Raheel has spoken out against the Indian government. There is no veil over the Indian government’s actions against Muslims, so many Muslim celebrities remain silent when it comes to Muslim minorities.

However, Simi Raheel recently aired her thoughts on Aryan Khan’s case, openly supporting the child. She directly criticized the government for its actions against the child, including twice refusing to release him on bail.

“Unfortunately, the administration is using the boy as a scapegoat,” she stated. Additionally, she stated that his offence was being the son of a Muslim superstar to divert attention away from India’s racial crimes.

"sunday plus", 'Being the son of a Muslim celebrity has been his crime' -Simi Raheel Slams The Indian Government.

She is correct at one point. Because, in addition to Aryan Khan, there may be another prominent figure, such as Raj Kundra, who was recently imprisoned for his role in the distribution of pornographic films. However, after two and a half months, he was granted bail for an undisclosed sum. That is the reality of committing a crime while not being a Muslim.

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