‘Beggars, sherwani ka kya hoga?’ Muneeb Butt aims Shahbaz Sharif and his family

The much-anticipated and pivotal National Assembly session began after a postponement to allow for a vote on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s no-confidence motion. After Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) Qasim Khan Suri “dismissed” the no-confidence resolution against Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday, citing a violation of Article 5 of the Constitution, the legal battle began.

PM Khan then addressed the nation, stating that he had recommended that the National Assembly be dissolved, which the President agreed to.

The premier announced on Sunday, in a surprising move, that he had advised President Alvi to dissolve all the assemblies.

President Dr. Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on Prime Minister Khan’s recommendation.

The premier congratulated the country in a brief address to the public following the rejection of the no-confidence resolution. It stated that he had issued a request to the President to dissolve the National Assembly and that the government should prepare for the next election.

Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif clarified his Friday interview with a private television channel in which he stated, “Beggars cannot be choosers.” He asserted that true liberty is impossible to attain without financial independence.

Sadly, he stated that Pakistan is not economically self-sufficient, relying on loans from foreign organizations to survive. Muneeb Butt, an actor and PTI fan used his Instagram account to criticize Shahbaz Sharif, using the hashtag #BeggarsCannotBeChoosers.

Butt recently chastised Reham Khan for her newest tweet praising actors who support Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Reham, a writer and former journalist, took a swipe at celebrities who had thrown their support behind Imran Khan during the No-motion dispute. The Baddua actress quickly retaliated against her, claiming that when she produced the Hania Aamir-starrer Janaan, she abused her position as Imran’s wife.

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