Ayeza Khan Dispels Rumors That Her Son Has Been Adopted

"sunday plus", Ayeza Khan Dispels Rumors That Her Son Has Been Adopted

Ayeza Khan and her husband, Danish Taimoor, are adored celebrities regarded as the drama industry’s greatest power couple by their admirers. Their family consists of a daughter and a boy, but are reports regarding the son’s adoption true?

Khan is adored by the audience for her extraordinary acting abilities and endearing charm, while Taimoor is loved for his grace. They create an ideal couple when they combine their talents.

Both performers have a sizable fan following on social media, which they use to keep their fans informed about their lifestyles. Hoorain Taimoor and Rayan Taimoor are the couple’s two incredibly lovely children.

Both Khan and Taimoor have worked in the entertainment industry for an extended period and are exceptional in their own right. The couple’s dedication appears to be quite visible in their respective fields of work, and we must admit that it is quite impressive to care for two children while still managing their hectic schedules.

Khan recently emerged on social media with an old interview in which she answered fan questions and offered the craziest thing she has ever heard about herself.

When it was suggested that her son Rayan was adopted, the Meray Paas Tum Ho actress remarked it was the worst story she had ever heard about herself. Because many did not recognize she was pregnant, many assumed she and Taimoor adopted a child.

Celebrities seldom escape gossip mongers, and occasionally the rumors are far too ludicrous.

Khan and Taimoor also spoke about their professional and personal life in a recent interview and their marriage.

When the host inquired about Khan’s possessiveness, Taimoor stated that she never prevented him from working on a project with a certain someone. He noted that he had worked on various projects, including films in which he was required to perform love moments; however, Khan had no objections.

Intruding, Khan quipped, “I aspired to marry a hero, a man who various women desire over the world, and I achieved my goal. I don’t care who goes insane over him now. Indeed, I take pleasure in it. I make certain he looks fantastic when he leaves the house.”

The fact that Khan believes her husband is ‘desired’ by multiple women, on the other hand, enraged social media users. The trolls quickly began their pranks. And, may we say, some of the comments came out as excessively harsh.

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