After AP Dhillion Dispels Rumors Of Performing In Pakistan, Memelords Resume Their Regular Schedule

AP Dhillon, an Indian musician and rapper, recently became a big issue in Pakistan as reports of possible concerts in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad spread like wildfire on social media. However, as the Brown Munde singer ended the speculations, a meme fest ensued.

Twitter users rapidly went viral after seeing screenshots of an Instagram user answering queries about forthcoming Pakistani concerts. “This weekend, we have a meeting with government authorities,” the user stated. “Security comes last. Everything else has been completed.”

While the fake news delighted and bewildered Pakistani fans, the artist resorted to social media to clarify the situation. He rejected the reports, stating that the only concerts scheduled are in India and the United Kingdom.

We have been informed that scammers are announcing shows/concerts outside of India and the United Kingdom,” Dhillon stated in a post. “Except the Takeover Tour in India and our February UK tour, no further countries have been confirmed for concerts by anyone on our staff.”

Dhillon continued with a cautionary note. “Please avoid being duped and only purchase tickets for performances that we have confirmed,” he advised.

"sunday plus", After AP Dhillion Dispels Rumors Of Performing In Pakistan, Memelords Resume Their Regular Schedule

In response to the singer’s announcement, amusing reactions from disappointed fans sparked a Twitter meme.


The Twittersphere is having a field day mocking fake news.

Numerous concerts have taken place across the country recently.

A three-day culinary event called ‘Taste Plus’ was held at Islamabad’s Jinnah Convention Center over the weekend. The festival featured Aima Baig, Mustafa Zahid, Shamoon Ismail, and Asim Azhar, among others.

Unfortunately, Atif Aslam stormed out of his event in the middle of it owing to audience harassment of girls and families. After a young girl approached him on stage to express her frustration with the crowd’s harassment, he addressed the males in the group, advising them to allow women some space and ensure that women and families were protected from crowd harassment.

Sadly, chaotic behavior is prevalent during concerts, as the combination of large crowds and loud music almost always results in disasters. Before it, a brawl broke out between a group of men at Lahore’s Rhythm Festival.

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