Aamir Khan had left Bollywood but was persuaded to return by his family.

Aamir Khan, a Bollywood actor, recently revealed that he had permanently retired from the industry. The actor told Indian media that his time at home during Covid-19 made him realize how much time he had missed with his family, prompting him to decide to leave Hollywood.

Khan confessed in an interview with ABP News on March 27 that he contemplated his life a lot during Covid-19. “I did a lot of introspection over the last two years, and a few things came to me. I began keeping track of how I spent my life, what I gained and lost,” he explained. “One thing that struck me hard was my entire adult existence, which began when I was 18 years old as an assistant director and ended when I was 57 years old. I’ve worked in film because this world drew me in and drew me in fiercely”. While there is “nothing wrong” with being passionate about such endeavors, the actor believes they should not be pursued “at the expense of your obligations.”

Khan expressed regret for not being able to spend more time with his younger daughter Ira Khan. “She would have had her dreams, fears, and difficulties in the absence of my presence,” he explained. “This affects me today because I had no idea what her ambitions and worries were, but I was fully aware of them when it came to my coworkers. This year, I realized that time is the most valuable resource,” the PK actor explained.

Khan became enraged at both himself and showed business due to these realizations. When the host inquired whether Khan’s wrath prompted him to consider quitting Bollywood, Khan responded affirmatively, “I quit.” “I’ve never told anyone this, and it may take a while for you to comprehend. I informed my family that I would no longer produce or star in films. THEY WERE TAKEN ABACK when I told them [Khan’s children and ex-wife] that I wanted to spend time with you guys.

“I began to consider whether I should inform others. At the same time, I refrained from saying anything because it would be interpreted as a marketing strategy for Laal Singh Chadha. As a result, I reasoned that it would be best if I did not. I make films every three to four years, and no one will be interested in me once Laal Singh Chadha arrives,” he explained. “My children have informed me that I am an extreme person. I shouldn’t abandon something I’ve worked on for 30 years in favor of something entirely new. [I should] establish a sense of harmony in my life.”

Khan announced his retirement from social media in 2021, stating that all engagement with his fans will take place via Aamir Khan Productions’ social media accounts.

In 2022, the actor will star alongside Kareena Kapoor Khan in the film Laal Singh Chadha. The film is an official remake of Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks.

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