5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Patio Space

Patio Space

Hot Pot Nights
This latest fad around town is one of our favorites to do on a weekend with friends. It’s a warm, comforting, and social meal to have with family and friends. Plus, because all the food gets cooked at the table, it’s an easy meal to boot. (Check out @hotpotkarachi for more) Patio Space

Star Gazing
Invest in a telescope and look up at the moon and stars while relaxing on your patio. This is a super fun activity to keep your friends or kids occupied for hours but Who knows maybe you will spot a UFO! www.sahaltelescopes.com

Patio Space

Sunday Under the Sun
In winter we tend to stay indoors a lot, which means we don’t get enough Vitamin D in the body. Take out your shades, go to your patio, and lay down for a few minutes to soak in that warm sunshine. If you are feeling a little chilly then make yourself a hot drink and Personally, we love the chocolate bombs by @dessertfairybyzk

Little Herb Garden – Imagine having your own piece of tranquil space but full of aromatic herbs and pretty flower pots. Head to your nearest nursery and get shopping. Psst. The planters from @greyscalepk will always be out favourite! Patio Space

Patio Space

Yoga and Meditation – Now more than ever we all need to find our inner peace and stay physically and mentally fit. It feels truly awesome to exercise outdoors, so grab your yoga mat, put some music on and get stretching! @adrienelouise

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