5 Hilarious Condom Commercials You Should Watch

Whoever invented condoms gave humanity a huge service by allowing us to have sex freely without fear of undesired pregnancies or STDs. Numerous condom producers have utilised some incredible ingenuity in their advertising over the years. We examine five such instances that made us laugh out loud.

Choosing condoms, whether external or internal, can be a pleasurable process. However, with so many condom varieties available, how can you choose?

Consider the purpose of the condom before shopping. For instance, do you intend to use the condom as contraception, facilitate safer sex, or engage in sex play?

Additionally, it is critical to be conscious of the condom’s components to avoid allergic responses. This information is typically included in the box. If the item is to be used for sexual encounters, ensure that your partner is not allergic to any materials.

Numerous brands of flavored external condoms advertise delectable flavors and enticing aromas. The taste is either included in the lubricant or applied directly to the condom.

"sunday plus", 5 Hilarious Condom Commercials You Should Watch


Mint, grape, orange, banana, strawberry, bubblegum, chocolate, vanilla, bacon, and cola are just a few available varieties. Occasionally, they are colored to correspond to the flavor: yellow for banana and red for strawberry.

External condoms with flavors are typically used during oral sex. Additionally, a few products have received FDA approval for their strength and protection.

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage “ribbed for her delight.” These external condoms are formed and textured to provide additional enjoyment for one or both lovers, depending on the location of the elevated studs and ribs on the condom.

External condoms of this sort include the following features:

Ribs: Some have two distinct rib sections—one on top and one at the base. This location provides stimulation, which can enhance the enjoyment of penetration.

When elevated studs are used on the inside, they are intended to improve the satisfaction of the individual wearing the external condom. When the studs are on the outside, they are designed to provide the partner with additional stimulation.

These external condoms are typically more expansive, with bulb-like tips, and have a more contoured design to boost the wearer’s comfort and enjoyment.

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